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Set a Default DITAVal File for a Publishing Scenario

Add a DITAVal file, which is used for conditional processing, into a publishing scenario so it’s applied each time the publishing scenario is used.

You’re logged in as an administrator in the Dashboard interface and have a DITAVal file that you want to add to a publishing scenario.

  1. Create a ZIP folder containing the DITAVal file.
  2. In the Administration interface, click Plugins .

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    Expected Result
    The Plugins interface displays.

  3. Select DITA Open Toolkit.

    Expected Result
    The Configure the DITA Open Toolkit screen displays and lists all available scenarios, DITA OTs, and plugins.

  4. In the DITA OT Plugins list, click New.

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  5. Click Browse and then navigate to and select the ZIP folder.
  6. In the Scenarios list, click on an existing publishing scenario or click New to create a new one.
  7. Click Add a Parameter .
  8. Set the Parameter Name as args.filter and the Parameter Type as File Reference

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  9. Click Change and then navigate to and click on the DITAVal file.

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  10. Click Save .

Your DITAVal file will be used whenever this scenario is run.