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The catalog.xml file tells the DITA-OT where to look for the customizations.
If you have multiple languages for your PDF outputs, you can include them using the I18N configuration overrides or with the Index configuration overrides. If you only have one language, neither of these are necessary and you can comment out those 4 lines.
Additionally, if you have no font-mapping customizations, you can comment out the font-mappings.xml file, and the DITA-OT will use the defaults.
< catalog xmlns="urn:oasis:names:tc:entity:xmlns:xml:catalog" prefer="system"> 

	< !-- Custom attributes entry --> 
	< uri name="cfg:fo/attrs/custom.xsl" uri="fo/attrs/custom-attrs.xsl"/> 
	< !-- Custom XSL code entry.--> 
	< uri name="cfg:fo/xsl/custom.xsl" uri="fo/xsl/custom-xsl.xsl"/> 

	< !-- FontMapper configuration override entry.--> 
	< uri name="cfg:fo/font-mappings.xml" uri="fo/font-mappings.xml"/> 

	< !-- I18N configuration override entries.--> 
	< uri name="cfg:fo/i18n/en_US.xml" uri="fo/i18n/en.xml"/> 
	< uri name="cfg:fo/i18n/en.xml" uri="fo/i18n/en.xml"/> 

	< !-- Index configuration override entries.--> 
	< uri name="cfg:common/index/en_US.xml" uri="common/index/en.xml"/> 
	< uri name="cfg:common/index/en.xml" uri="common/index/en.xml"/> 

< /catalog> 
Note:The custom-attrs.xsl and custom-xsl.xsl files are where the specific customizations go.