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Finding Font Names

Find the correct font names for the custom fonts that you want to use in your PDF output.
You installed custom fonts using the procedure in Installing Custom Fonts.
You need to find the correct font name of the custom fonts that you’ll use when Adding Custom Fonts to the XML.
  1. For Windows Users: The correct font name is listed as the name of the file located in the C:\Windows\Fonts\ folder.
  2. For Mac Users:

    1. Open the Font Book app.
    2. Under Collection, search for the font in the User collection.
    3. Select the font and click the information icon.

      Step Information
    4. The correct font name that you’ll need is listed as “PostScript name”.
  3. Write down the names of the custom fonts.
You have the full name of the custom font. Next, you’ll use the full name when Adding Custom Fonts to the XML.