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Learn how to customize your PDF output by building a plugin yourself or using a plugin generator.
The DITA Open Toolkit uses the default PDF2 plugin to transform DITA content to PDF. This plugin contains basic PDF styling. If your PDF ouput requires a company logo, a specific header and footer, or specific spacing, you’ll need to create a custom plugin to customize your PDF output. You can build a plugin yourself or use a plugin generator.
We recommend you use the PDF Plugin Generator first. The plugin generator enables you to easily preview and select your customizations. Once you’ve selected your customizations, it generates the plugin with the correct customization files in a zipped folder. Then if there are additional customizations you want that aren’t available in the generator, you can easily add easyDITA PDF Customizations to the generated plugin instead of having to build a plugin from scratch. Once your customization plugin is ready, you can upload it into easyDITA and add it to a publishing scenario.  
This guide shows you how to create a custom plugin. You can either:
Once your plugin is built, you’ll need to: