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easyDITA 16.2 Release Notes

The easyDITA 16.2 release includes bug fixes and improvements to the interface.
Permissions and Lock Handling

  • Added the ability for Administrators to change the owner of a file, even if they aren’t the current owner.

  • Added the ability to edit files in review-only mode if the user has the “Able to edit documents in ‘review-only’ mode” permission enabled. This permission can only be modified by Administrators using the User Interface in the Dashboard.

  • Fixed locking issues that prevented locks from being released when a topic was closed.


  • Added an activity event for file status changes, which can also be used as a filtering option.

  • Added the ability to delete metadata categories.

  • Added an error message to prevent assigning the same name for the category and Name field in the Metadata interface.

  • Added a warning message when you leave unsaved changes in the Metadata interface.

  • Modified the snooze option for notifications to display “Forever” instead of “December 1969”.

  • Fixed an issue with the Ant filepicker when creating a publishing scenario using Firefox 47.0.

Content Manager

  • Improved the Create New window:

    • Added support for symbols and punctuation in titles.

    • Replaced spaces in filenames, which are invalid characters, with underscores.

    • Removed invalid characters from filenames that are automatically generated based on the title.

    • Matched the filename letter case with the title letter case.

  • Added a broken link indicator for files that have images without references.

  • Added the Locked by field to the Filters Tab so you can refine your search by lock owners.

  • Removed the Show more option from the Filters Tab.

  • Renamed the Remove option in the context menu to Move to Trash

  • Fixed issues with the drag-and-drop mechanism to correctly release selected files.

  • Fixed scrolling issue that displayed blank lines in the file listing.

  • Fixed the status change notifications to display “None” when no status is selected. For example, “Set example.dita to None.”

  • Fixed notifications issues for multiple owner changes to display a single notification per change.

Topic Editor

  • Added the ability to set the width of an image using the Media toolbar when an image is selected.

  • Added a warning that displays when a topic is closed using the X button (on the tab) and if changes to the topic have not been saved.

  • Fixed issues with the Save & Close option in the File Menu.


Element Handling

  • Added the footnote type attribute to the < xref> element when cross-referencing a footnote.

  • Improved support for multi-line content in the table < entry> element. When users press Enter in a table cell, a dialog displays for users to insert a paragraph element for their multi-line content.

  • Fixed issues with alphabetizing multiple definition list entries.

  • Fixed ids set on the < choption> element to display unique ids.

  • Fixed rendering issues with the < line> element to display as line breaks.

  • Fixed key handling issues with the < choice> element. Pressing Return/Enter now creates another < choice> element.

  • Fixed phrase attributes handling so that when a phrase with attributes is conkeyref’ed, its attributes also display anywhere it’s reused.

  • Fixed DITAVal handing so that filtering properties with no values set perform the expected action on any content with the property defined. For example, if the DITAVal contains no value for the audience filtering property and the action is exclude, then any content with the audience set will be excluded.

Map Editor

  • Improved the Keys field so that pressing Return/Enter submits changes.

  • Improved the design of the Tools button.

  • Fixed an issue that caused a second map to open in another browser tab even when Cancel was clicked.

  • Fixed a locking issue that prevented locks on maps from being released when the browser window was closed.

  • Fixed the map context issue in the Map Preview Tab to use the current map’s context when there’s no map context selected.

Resource Viewer

  • Added a tooltip in the Resource Viewer Pane for locked or invalid files that cannot be opened for editing. Hovering over the disabled Open button displays the tooltip explaining why the file cannot be opened.

  • Added support for files with multiple metadata tags assigned. All metadata tags are visible in the Resource Viewer Pane.

  • Added the Reports Tab to the Resource Viewer. This new tab allows you to run map-specific reports and is only available when a map is open in the Resource Viewer.

  • Fixed an issue with the Include dependencies option when filtering activities for a map using the Resource Viewer Pane.


Preview Tab

  • Added the ability to use “@” in a comment to mention another user. Mentioned users will receive an email notification about the comment. Mentioning another user in a comment only works when previewing a file.

  • Added support for interacting with xrefs. If the xref is a local link, you’ll be scroll to the referenced content. If the xref is to a DITA file or external resource, it’ll open in a new tab.


History Tab

  • Added historical events for branches and merges so you can compare or restore to a previous state.

  • Fixed display issues for XML files without a content type defined.

  • Fixed revision numbering to display the correct revision numbers for revisions.

  • Fixed mismatched UI names. The Revisions Tab was renamed to the History Tab.


Releases Tab

  • Synced the time stamps used for releases with the system time.

  • Fixed the View button. Clicking View now displays a preview of the released content.


Localization Jobs Tab

  • Improved the translation memory to include non-breaking spaces.

  • Improved loading times for large sets of files.

  • Synced the time stamps used for localization jobs with the organization’s timezone.

  • Fixed the localization job process to prevent localization jobs from being created without a package type and locale selected.


  • Added the ability to assign multiple users to a workflow step. For example, multiple users can be assigned to a Review step. Depending on the workflow, when multiple users are assigned, the workflow step must either be completed by all users or just one user. The default configuration requires all users to complete the step.

  • Added support for long assignment summaries in the Assignment Details area.

  • Fixed placeholder text and type-ahead issues in the Assignee field when creating an assignment.


  • Improved the Branch drop-down menu:
    • Added the ability to search for branch names.

    • Alphabetized the branch list.

    • Highlighted the current branch.

  • Synced the time stamps used for branches with the organization’s timezone.

  • Added the ability to merge a new map in a branch into the master branch.

  • Fixed caching issues caused when different branches are open in multiple browser tabs.

Third-Party Integrations

  • Improved locking mechanisms between easyDITA and oXygen to prevent locked files in oXygen from being unlocked when the file is opened in easyDITA.

Web Services Publishing



  • Added support in WordPress for publishing maps with hierarchy created by nesting topics in a map. Topic hierarchies display correctly in the sidebar navigation.

  • Added the ability to update published content using the Update button.



  • Improved web services publishing to MindTouch to enhance search summary capabilities.

  • Added the ability to select DITAVals when publishing to MindTouch.