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  • Improved the Create New window:

    • Added support for symbols and punctuation in titles.

    • Replaced spaces in filenames, which are invalid characters, with underscores.

    • Removed invalid characters from filenames that are automatically generated based on the title.

    • Matched the filename letter case with the title letter case.

  • Added a broken link indicator for files that have images without references.

  • Added the Locked by field to the Filters Tab so you can refine your search by lock owners.

  • Removed the Show more option from the Filters Tab.

  • Renamed the Remove option in the context menu to Move to Trash

  • Fixed issues with the drag-and-drop mechanism to correctly release selected files.

  • Fixed scrolling issue that displayed blank lines in the file listing.

  • Fixed the status change notifications to display “None” when no status is selected. For example, “Set example.dita to None.”

  • Fixed notifications issues for multiple owner changes to display a single notification per change.