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Resource Viewer

  • Added a tooltip in the Resource Viewer Pane for locked or invalid files that cannot be opened for editing. Hovering over the disabled Open button displays the tooltip explaining why the file cannot be opened.

  • Added support for files with multiple metadata tags assigned. All metadata tags are visible in the Resource Viewer Pane.

  • Added the Reports Tab to the Resource Viewer. This new tab allows you to run map-specific reports and is only available when a map is open in the Resource Viewer.

  • Fixed an issue with the Include dependencies option when filtering activities for a map using the Resource Viewer Pane.


Preview Tab

  • Added the ability to use “@” in a comment to mention another user. Mentioned users will receive an email notification about the comment. Mentioning another user in a comment only works when previewing a file.

  • Added support for interacting with xrefs. If the xref is a local link, you’ll be scroll to the referenced content. If the xref is to a DITA file or external resource, it’ll open in a new tab.


History Tab

  • Added historical events for branches and merges so you can compare or restore to a previous state.

  • Fixed display issues for XML files without a content type defined.

  • Fixed revision numbering to display the correct revision numbers for revisions.

  • Fixed mismatched UI names. The Revisions Tab was renamed to the History Tab.


Releases Tab

  • Synced the time stamps used for releases with the system time.

  • Fixed the View button. Clicking View now displays a preview of the released content.


Localization Jobs Tab

  • Improved the translation memory to include non-breaking spaces.

  • Improved loading times for large sets of files.

  • Synced the time stamps used for localization jobs with the organization’s timezone.

  • Fixed the localization job process to prevent localization jobs from being created without a package type and locale selected.