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Topic Editor

  • Added the ability to set the width of an image using the Media toolbar when an image is selected.

  • Added a warning that displays when a topic is closed using the X button (on the tab) and if changes to the topic have not been saved.

  • Fixed issues with the Save & Close option in the File Menu.


Element Handling

  • Added the footnote type attribute to the < xref> element when cross-referencing a footnote.

  • Improved support for multi-line content in the table < entry> element. When users press Enter in a table cell, a dialog displays for users to insert a paragraph element for their multi-line content.

  • Fixed issues with alphabetizing multiple definition list entries.

  • Fixed ids set on the < choption> element to display unique ids.

  • Fixed rendering issues with the < line> element to display as line breaks.

  • Fixed key handling issues with the < choice> element. Pressing Return/Enter now creates another < choice> element.

  • Fixed phrase attributes handling so that when a phrase with attributes is conkeyref’ed, its attributes also display anywhere it’s reused.

  • Fixed DITAVal handing so that filtering properties with no values set perform the expected action on any content with the property defined. For example, if the DITAVal contains no value for the audience filtering property and the action is exclude, then any content with the audience set will be excluded.