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Creating a WordPress Application

Create a WordPress application to connect easyDITA to WordPress. During this process, you’ll get your login credentials (Client ID and Client Secret), which you’ll use later to connect WordPress to easyDITA.
  1. To create the WordPress application, go to

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  2. Log in with your WordPress developer’s account or create one if you don’t have one already. If you need to create a developer’s account, just create a free domain.

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    Note:This account is different from the account you use to log in to your WordPress site.
  3. Click Create New Application.

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    Expected Result
    The Create New Application screen displays.
  4. Complete the form using the guidelines below:

    Step Information
    Field name Enter Example
    Name Whatever you like easyDITA Publish Connector
    Description Whatever you like The application that connects easyDITA to my WordPress site
    Website URL Your WordPress site domain
    Redirect URL
    Javascript Origins Leave this blank
    (Prove that you’re human) Enter the sum
    Type Select “Web” Web
    Follow Developer blog Whatever you like Unchecked
  5. Click Create.

    Expected Result
    Your new Application page displays.
  6. Navigate to the easyDITA Publish Connector.

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  7. Take note of the Client ID and Client Secret; you’ll use them when connecting easyDITA to WordPress.

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You’ve set up the easyDITA WordPress Connector and have your Client ID and Client Secret.