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User Guide
Moving Files

Move files and folders to a new location in the repository.
  1. In the Content Manager, check the checkbox next to each file.

    Step Information
    Note:To select a range of checkboxes, check the first box in the range and then while holding Shift, select the last box in the range.

  2. Right-click any of the selected files and select Move .

    Step Information
    Note:The context menu indicates the amount of files selected.
    Expected Result
    The Move selected files window displays.
  3. (Optional) Enter a comment for the move.
  4. Click Select Location .

    Expected Result
    The Select Folder window displays.
  5. Navigate to and select a folder location.

    Expected Result
    A folder location is selected.
  6. Click Select .

    Expected Result
    The folder location displays in the Move selected files window.
  7. Click Move .

The files are moved to the selected folder location.