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User Guide
Inserting a Link to a Website or PDF

Cross-references (XRef) are inline links that lead you to supplementary information. Create a cross-reference link to an external source like a website or PDF.
  1. In the Content Manager, open a topic and place your cursor where you want to insert a link.
  2. Click Link -> Xref .

    Expected Result
    An empty link element is inserted. The text is underlined and blue.
  3. Click Properties .

    Expected Result
    The Properties Pane displays. The properties for the XRef link display at the top.

  4. In the Source (href) field, enter the URL for the external source.

    Step Information
    The URL must contain http://. For example,

    Source (href) field

  5. In the Scope drop-down menu, select external.
  6. In the Format field, enter the format of file expected at the link. For example, html or pdf.
  7. In the XRef Link element, enter text for the link.



You inserted a link to an external source.