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Local Links

Local links are links to a location in the topic; they are resolved at publish so they require little maintenance.
Local links are links to elements within a topic. They are commonly used to link to another section or step in a topic. And because link names are generated at publish, you don’t have to manually enter the link name or maintain it. Let’s look at some examples:
You can create a local link to another section in the topic. At publish, the local link resolves to display the section title. For example:
In Task topics, local links are useful for creating links to other steps. We recommend using local links in situations you would write “Repeat step X to…”. Instead of writing out the step number, you can insert a local link. Then, at publish the step number resolves and displays as the local link name. So if the step order changes, the link name will resolve to the correct number at publish. For example:
To create a local link, you need to first assign an unique ID to the element you’re linking to. Then you can insert a local link to that element. For more information, see Setting Element IDs.