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User Guide
Localizing Content Using an XLIFF

Package and download your content as an XLIFF Package to send to your localization team.

Tip:Before you start a localization job, publish the map to an output like PDF so the localization team has reference content to use while localizing the content.

  1. In the Content Manager, right-click a file and click Localization Jobs .

    Expected Result
    The Localization Manager displays.

  2. In the New Localization Job drop-down menu, select XLIFF Package and click Go .

    Expected Result
    The New XLIFF Localization Job screen displays.
  3. Complete the following fields:

    1. In the Project Notes field, enter any notes you have for the localization team. These notes will display in a TXT file in the localization package. Project Notes field
    2. (Optional) To modify the Manager, enter or select a user.
    3. Click Add Locale and select as many locales as you want.
    4. (Optional) Select an option under Reference Content to Include.

      Step Information
      Reference content includes any past publishes using the DITA Open Toolkit. This content will be included in the XLIFF Package for the localization team to use.
  4. Click Save.

    Expected Result
    The localization job displays. The Project Notes, Manager, and Locales display.
  5. Click Download Localization Package .

The localization job is created and a ZIP containing a compiled XLIFF file, TXT file, and reference content (optional) is downloaded. The XLIFF Package can be sent out for localization.