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User Guide
Setting Variable Content in a Warehouse Topic

Use warehouse topics to contain variables such as product, company, or interface names.

Use an empty basic topic to create variable text for reuse. This variable text must be contained within the phrase < ph> element to be reusable.

  1. In the Topic Editor, open an empty basic topic.
  2. Click Insert -> Phrase.

    Expected Result
    The Phrase element is inserted.

  3. In the Phrase element, enter the variable text.

    Enter easyDITA.

  4. Right-click the variable that you created.

    Expected Result
    The context menu displays.

  5. Select Make Reusable (set ID) -> Phrase.

    Step Information

  6. In the Id field, enter a unique Id for the variable. Choose an Id that relates to the variable because it’s used to identify the element for reuse.


  7. Click Set .

You created variable content and assigned an Id to it so it can be reused.

Next, add this warehouse topic to the map(s) you want to use the variables in. For more information, see Adding a Warehouse Topic to a Map.