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User Guide
Inserting a Keyref

Insert a keyref to a key name defined in the map and create an indirect, inline link to an element in a map.

You must assign a key name to the topic that you want to indirectly link to before inserting a keyref. For more information, see Assigning a Key Name to Topics.
Remember:When using keys, you must have a map open or map context set in order to see available keys and for keyrefs to resolve.
  1. Open a topic in the Topic Editor.
  2. Place your cursor where you want to insert a keyref.
  3. Click Link -> Keyref .Keyref drop-down menu
  4. Enter or select the key name you want to create a keyref to.


A key reference is inserted in the topic, which indirectly links to the topic in the map with the key name.