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Structured Authoring Environment

The Topic Editor is a structured authoring environment that enables you to edit topics.
The Topic Editor manages the structure of your DITA content as you work, ensuring that it remains valid at all times by preventing you from creating invalid content. The editor shows the currently selected DITA element in gray text to the left of the document.
When inserting an element, easyDITA will position it in the proper location in the DITA structure. Also, the drop down list for Inserting elements will only show elements that can be inserted at the current cursor location.

Likewise, when you remove elements, easyDITA will ask which element you want to remove. In the example below, you can remove the List Item, the Unordered List, or the Body of the DITA document. The flying arrow points to the element you are removing, and it is highlighted in red to confirm this is the element you want to remove.
You can inspect where you are in the DITA XML structure by hovering over the structure status bar at the bottom of the screen. In this example, the List Item is highlighted and the flying arrow connects the text to the structure status bar element.
You can edit DITA properties by clicking Properties in the right margin. This expands the Properties Pane. When you place the cursor in a property field to set an attribute, the arrow connects the attribute to the element in the document pane. In the example below, the Properties Pane displays properties for the selected paragraph.