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In easyDITA, there are two methods of versioning content, branches and releases.easyDITA’s versioning system enables you to create and manage multiple branches and releases of documentation.
Branching a map creates copies of each of its components in a new branch. It allows you and others to edit the branched content without altering the master branch. If you want to push changes between the branches, you can do so when you need to.
Creating a release for a topic creates an unalterable archive of the content at that specific point in time. It’s useful to create a release for each new version or milestone because then the archive can be viewed after you’ve made changes to the file or to generate output from it.
Branches are different from releases in that branches are editable copies of the branched content that allow you to push changes made in one branch to another. Whereas releases are snapshots of content that are archived and unalterable.