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User Guide
Creating an Assignment for a Map

Create an assignment for a map and optionally filter the assignment to include resources in the map based on the modified date or file status.
  1. Open the Assignments interface.

    Step Information
    Note:You can access the Assignments interface through the Dashboard interface or Resource Viewer .
  2. In the Assignments interface, click New .

    Expected Result
    The Create Assignment window displays. By default the Send email notification option is checked.
  3. In the Create Assignment window, complete the following fields:

    1. In the Summary field, enter a summary. Summary field
    2. In the Due Date field, set a due date. Due Date field
    3. (Optional) To avoid sending an email notification to the assignees about the assignment, uncheck Send email notification .

      Step Information
      Note:By default this option is checked so the responsible assignees are notified about the assignment. We recommend that you leave this setting checked.
    4. Select a workflow. For more information, see Assignment Workflows.
    5. For each workflow step, select the user you want to complete the step.

      Expected Result
      Users are assigned to each workflow step.
    Step Information
    Note:By default, if you select more than one user, all users will be notified when their step becomes active, and one user will have to claim the step to complete it.
  4. Select the files you want to include in the assignment.

    1. Select Select files in a map . Select files in a map
    2. Click change to select a map to review.

      Expected Result
      The Select Map window displays.
    3. Select a map and click Select .

      Expected Result
      The selected map displays in the Create Assignment window.
    4. To create a filtered assignment that includes resources modified since a specific date, check Only require attention on topics and select a date in the modified since . Only require attention on topics modified since
    5. To create a filtered assignment that includes resources with a specific file status, check Only require attention on topics and select a status from the with status . Only require attention on topics with status
  5. Click Create
An assignment for a map with the selected options is created. An inbox notification and email are sent to the user responsible for the first step.