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Conditionalizing Entire Topics or Sections of a Map

Use the Map Editor to set Conditional Processing Attribute values and conditionalize entire topics or sections of a map for conditional publishing. 
Note:The default Conditional Processing Attributes are: audience, rev, platform, product, props, and otherprops.
  1. In the Map Editor , right-click the element you want to set the Conditional Processing Attributes for and select Edit Element Attributes .

    Step Information

    Expected Result
    The Edit Properties window displays.

  2. Enter the values for each Conditional Processing Attribute that defines the condition in which the element will be displayed. 

    If the topic is only intended for administrators, in the Audience field enter Administrator.

    Step Information
    Note:To add multiple values for Conditional Processing Attributes, insert a space between each value.

  3. Click Save .
The Conditional Processing Attributes values are set for the element.
Note:Depending on the action defined for a specific value at publish time, content is either flagged, excluded, or included. If no action is specified for a specific value, the default is to include the content (unless your publishing profile sets the default to exclude).