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User Guide
Activity Overview

The Activity interface displays changes made to files. You can filter the activities that are displayed here by date, user, and type.
The Activity interface displays a stream of recent user actions, including changes made to topics, assignments, and maps. It allows you to see what’s going on in easyDITA and the work being done. The Activity stream is found throughout easyDITA. So depending on where you are and what you have selected, the activity entries displayed are filtered to that context. 
The follow changes trigger activity entries:
  • Workflow steps
  • Status updates
  • Revisions
  • New comments
  • Comment replies
  • Publishes
When viewing from the Dashboard interface, you’ll see all changes being made in easyDITA
If you’re viewing from the Content Manager and you have a file selected, the activity stream displayed is filtered for that file.

Activity Entries

A new activity entry displays in the Activity stream for each new action. Each activity uses the same structure:
Item Description
User The person who performed the action.
Action The action that was performed.
Timestamp The date and time the action was performed.
Link The relevant file or location.


The list of activities displayed can be filtered by date, user, and type.