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User Guide
Inserting Local Links

Insert a local link to an element in the topic.
You must have an unique ID assigned to the element you want to link to. For more information, see Setting Element IDs.

  1. In the Content Manager , place your cursor where you want to insert a link link.
  2. In the Link Menu , click Insert Xref .

    Step Information

    Expected Result
    A link element is inserted in the topic.

  3. Select the empty link element and click Local Link.

    Expected Result
    The Available elements with IDs dialog displays.

  4. Select the element you want to link to.

    Expected Result
    A local link to the element is created and the Id for the element displays.


You inserted a local link to a reusable element in the topic. In easyDITA, the local link displays the element Id. When published, the link will resolve to display the step number: