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Metadata Overview

Metadata are tags you apply to your files to classify them. These custom metadata tags must be manually created and assigned to your files, but once they’ve been created and assigned, you can use them in powerful ways to find and analyze content in your repository.
There are two types of metadata: Taxonomy Metadata and Label Metadata. Both types of metadata are used the same way, though they differ in the ability to create new metadata tags on the fly. For more information, see Taxonomy Metadata and Label Metadata.
Let’s look at an example. Here are some example metadata tags:
  • Complexity
    • Beginner

    • Intermediate

    • Advanced

  • Inteface
    • Dashboard

    • Authoring

Based on this example metadata, the Using the Dashboard and Using the Authoring Interface as a Power User topics would be assigned these metadata tags:
Note:You must be an Administrator to create Metadata or Collections, but anyone can assign metadata to files or sort files into collections.

Metadata Interfaces

To configure your metadata, use the Administration interface in the Dashboard :
To apply metadata to topics, use the Properties Tab:
To use your metadata to filter search results and find content, use the Filters Tab: