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User Guide
Creating a Metadata Category for Taxonomy Metadata

Create Taxonomy Metadata by linking your taxonomy terms to a metadata category.

You must have taxonomy configured. To learn more, see Creating Taxonomy.
Note:You must be an Administrator to access the Administration interface.
  1. In the Dashboard interface, click Metadata .

    Expected Result
    The Metadata interface displays.

  2. In the Category Name field, enter a name for the category. The metadata category is a grouping for the Taxonomy Metadata.

    Step Information
  3. Click Add Category .

    Expected Result
    A metadata category section is added.
  4. Complete the following fields:

    1. In the Labels field , enter a label. This is a label for the metadata category. It displays when applying or filtering metadata.
    2. In the Type drop-down menu , select Taxonomy .
    3. In the Values field , select a taxonomy strcture. These are the taxonomy terms you want to connect to your metadata category.
  5. To enable search filtering using metadata, check Search facet .

    Expected Result
    The metadata displays in the Filters Tab of the Content Manager .
  6. To enable the metadata so you can assign it to files, check Enabled .

    Expected Result
    The metadata displays in the Properties Tab of the Resource Viewer .
  7. Click Add Field and then Save Changes .

A taxonomy of terms is linked to a metadata category.