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User Guide
Publishing Overview

The Publishing interface enables you to transform your DITA content into other formats.
Publishing is how you transform DITA content into document formats such as Adobe Acrobat (PDF), HTML, and web help that you can deliver to your customers. You can use the Publishing interface to:
  • Create a new publish

  • View and download past publishes


easyDITA publishes DITA content through a variety of services. Included in every instance of easyDITA is the DITA Open Toolkit (DITA OT), an Open Source project that is maintained by a community of software developers. The DITA OT uses plugins to transform DITA content into a number of output formats.
You can publish content to all the DITA Open Toolkit output formats, including:
  • PDF

  • HTML

  • HTML5


  • HTML Help ePub

  • eBook

  • JavaHelp

  • RTF

easyDITA supports the addition of any standards-complaint plugin for the DITA OT. easyDITA also supports any version of the DITA OT.
Besides the DITA OT, you can also publish directly to MindTouch, WordPress, and