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User Guide
Inserting a Conref

Use the Reuse feature to select and insert content for reuse.
Important:If you haven’t yet set an ID for the element you want to reuse, you must verify that the topic you want to reuse content from is not locked. If the topic is locked by you or another user, you will not be able to set an element ID for reuse.
  1. Open a topic in the Topic Editor . Topic Editor
  2. Place your cursor where you want to insert the conref.

    Expected Result
  3. Click Re-use Content -> Insert Conref .

    Step Information

    Expected Result
    The Select Content window displays.
  4. Navigate to and select the topic you want to reuse content from.

    Expected Result
    The selected topic displays.
  5. Select the element you want to insert.

    Expected Result
    The navigation tree dialog displays.

  6. In the navigation tree, select the element you want to insert.

    Step Information

    If the element doesn’t have an ID attribute, you will be prompted to set one. The default value is a unique ID containing the element name appended by a random number. However, you can set your own ID if you want to.
    Expected Result
    The element is selected.
  7. Click Select .
The element is inserted into the topic as reused content.
Reused context is highlighted in the topic where it’s reused, indicating that the content cannot be edited here. Clicking on the reused content will open a Content Reference toolbar below the content. Here you can change the reference or view the source content by clicking on the link.