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User Guide
Using the Quick Action Menu to Insert an Element

Use the Quick Action Menu to insert the UI Control element in a task topic.
  1. In the Content Manager , open a task topic and place your cursor where you want to insert the UI Control element.
  2. If you’re a Windows user, press and hold Ctrl+Shift. If you’re a Mac user, press and hold Cmd+Shift.

    Expected Result
    The Quick Action Menu displays.
  3. To insert an element, while holding Ctrl+Shift or Cmd+Shift, press I.

    Expected Result
    The Insert Menu displays.
  4. Press Enter to insert the element where your cursor is placed.

    Expected Result
    Based on your cursor location, the elements that are available to be inserted display.
  5. Enter ui and navigate to the UI Control element.

    Expected Result
  6. Press Enter .

The UI Control element is inserted using the Quick Action Menu .