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Use lists to organize your information into bulleted or numbered lists.
Lists are a great way to organize your information and provide a simple structure to your content. In easyDITA, you can insert two types of lists: unordered and ordered lists. Unordered lists are characterized by bullets and allow you to list related things. Ordered lists are numbered and allow you list things in a sequence.
You can insert lists by using the bulleted list icon or numbered list icon in the Topic Editor toolbar.
You can also insert unordered and ordered lists using the Insert menu.
Note:The available elements listed in the Insert menu are context sensitive. So only elements that are valid at the insertion location are listed. Before inserting an element, ensure that your cursor is placed at a location where the element is valid.

Once a list element is inserted, you can press Enter to add another list item, or press Tab to indent the list item. Doing so will create hierarchy among your list. Let’s look at some examples.
An unordered list:
  • List item
    • List item
      • List item

  • List item

  • List item

An ordered list:
  1. List item 1

  2. List item 2
    1. List item 2.1

    2. List item 2.2

  3. List item 3