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Inserting a Link to a File

You can create an inline link to a topic or map in the Content Library by using a cross-reference (XRef) link. Cross-references are direct links that lead you to supplementary information.
Tip:We recommend using key references (keyrefs) instead of using cross-references to create a link to a topic. For more information, see Key References. If you’re trying to link to an external source, see Inserting a Link to a Website or PDF.

  1. In the Content Manager , open a topic and place your cursor where you want to insert a link.

    Step Information
    Note:By default, when you insert a XRef link, the topic’s title is used as the link text. This is rendered by easyDITA, so you don’t need to enter any text for the link.

  2. Click Link -> Xref .

    Expected Result
    An empty link element is inserted. The text is underlined and blue.
  3. Click Edit.

    Expected Result
    The Select Link window displays.
  4. Navigate to and select the file, and then click Select .

    Expected Result
    The link is inserted and the “XRef Link” placeholder is replaced with the topic’s title.

You inserted a direct link to another topic.

Note:You can change the link text by placing your cursor in the Xref link and entering new text. We do not recommend doing this because it makes link management difficult and tedious (E.g. the topic name changes). Custom link texts need to be maintained and modified each time the content changes and the link text is no longer relevant. This same change also has to be made every where the link is used.