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Use Your Own DITA OT

Simple rules about using an uploaded DITA OT.
easyDITA allows you to upload your own DITA OT. It’s a fairly simple process, just follow these rules:
  • Use one of the DITA-OT[version] packages. The “Full Easy Install” packages contain integration hooks that easyDITA relies on.
  • When creating the ZIP folder, it should only contain the DITA OT directory in the root.

    Caution:Having other directories in parallel with the DITA OT may cause the extraction process to create the improper structure. An easy way to ensure your ZIP archive is correct is to right click the DITA OT directory and select your operating system’s create ZIP option.
To upload your DITA OT, click New next to Available DITA Open Toolkits in the Plugin Manager and upload your zip file.