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fo Folder

A description of the fo/ folder within the DITA OT Customization plugin.
The fo/ folder is where all the actual customization happens. You may format this folder however you want, just be sure to specify the correct file paths in the catalog.xml file. It usually contains 2 or 3 sub folders: attrs/, xsl/, and an optional i18n/ folder (for translations). For example:
The two files you’ll use for customization are: xsl/custom-xsl.xsl and attrs/custom-attrs.xsl. When you begin adding easyDITA PDF Customizations, you’ll modify these files.
Create a custom-xsl.xsl file in cfg/fo/xsl and a custom-attrs.xsl file in cfg/fo/attrs with just this code in them:
< xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""
	xmlns:fo="" version="2.0"> 

< /xsl:stylesheet>