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The general format of the required plugin.xml file.
The plugin.xml file is the first stop for the DITA Open Toolkit to run the customization. This file tells the DITA-OT which base plugin to use (what you are customizing), as well as the transtype value that you enter on the command line to run it.
Here’s a template for the plugin.xml file:
< plugin id="[]"> 
	< require plugin="[base.plugin]" /> 
	< template file="[build.template.filename]"/> 
	< feature extension="dita.conductor.transtype.check"
		value="[new.transtype]" type="txt"/> 
	< feature extension=""
		value="build.xml" type="file"/> 
< /plugin> 
Variable Name Description Example Value The name of your customization folder within the plugins folder. com.jorsek.custom.pdf
base.plugin The name of the default plugin that you are customizing. org.dita.pdf2
build.template.filename The name of the template of the ANT Custom build_template.xml. build_custom.pdf_template.xml
new.transtype The value for transtype to be entered at the command line. jorsek.custom.pdf