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Upload a DITA-OT

If you’re building your own plugin or using the PDF Plugin Generator to generate a plugin, you’ll need to upload the DITA Open Toolkit version that your plugin is built on so you can use the plugin in easyDITA.
Important:If your custom plugin is built using the DITA-OT version 2.0+, you’ll need the corresponding DITA-OT version in easyDITA. Contact an easyDITA representative to upload and enable the DITA Open Toolkit 2.X on your server. Once enabled, you’ll be able to use the DITA-OT 2.X and your plugin in a publishing scenario.
  1. First, you need to download the DITA-OT version your plugin is built on. You can download your DITA-OT version from the DITA-OT website.

    Step Information
    Note:Use one of the DITA-OT[version] packages. The “Full Easy Install” packages contain integration hooks that easyDITA relies on.
  2. Next, you need to open the Plugins interface so you can upload the DITA-OT. In the Dashboard interface, click Plugins.

    Expected Result
    The Plugins interface displays.
  3. Click DITA Open Toolkit.

    Expected Result
    The DITA Open Toolkit configurations display.
  4. Beside Available DITA Open Toolkits, click New.
  5. Click Browse, then navigate to and select the DITA-OT you want to upload.
You uploaded the DITA-OT into easyDITA.