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Upload a Plugin

Upload a DITA Open Toolkit plugin to customize your output.
You’re logged in as an administrator in the Dashboard interface and want to upload a DITA Open Toolkit plugin.
  1. Create a ZIP folder containing only your plugin’s directory


    If you have been prototyping your plugin locally, you need to zip up the folder located at DITAOT-{version}/plugins/{your-plugin-name}.

  2. Under Administration, click Plugins.

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    Expected Result
    The Plugins interface displays.

  3. Select DITA Open Toolkit.

    Expected Result
    The Configure the DITA Open Toolkit Plugin screen displays and lists all available scenarios, DITA OTs, and plugins.

  4. In the Plugins list, click New.

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  5. Click Browse and then navigate to and select the zip file.

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  6. Click Done.
You have a new plugin available to be used in publishing scenarios.
Ensure you have the corresponding DITA Open Toolkit version the plugin is built on in easyDITA. If not, then you’ll need to Upload a DITA-OT. If you already have the DITA Open Toolkit in easyDITA, you’re ready to Set up a Publishing Scenario.