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Generate a Plugin

Use the PDF Plugin Generator to select the PDF customizations you want and generate a plugin.
You want to create a plugin to customize your PDF output.
  1. First, navigate to go to the PDF Plugin Generator.

    Expected Result

  2. For the target environment, you only need to uncheck Override shell. You can leave the default selections for the DITA-OT version and XSL formatter.

    Step Information
    By default, the DITA-OT 2.2 is selected. However, if you require a different version, you can change it.
    Important:If your custom plugin is built using the DITA-OT version 2.0+, you’ll need the corresponding DITA-OT version in easyDITA. Contact an easyDITA representative to upload and enable the DITA Open Toolkit 2.X on your server. Once enabled, you’ll be able to use the DITA-OT 2.X and your plugin in a publishing scenario.
  3. Click Next and configure the PDF sylings you want.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you get to the Metadata page.

    Step Information
  5. Complete the following fields:

    1. In the Plug-in ID field, enter a name for the plugin.
    2. In the Transtype field, enter “pdf”.

      Step Information
      Take note of this transtype name because you’ll need it when you Set up a Publishing Scenario.
      For your first plugin, use your name. For example, “john.pdf”. Going forward, you can use your own naming structure, “whitepaper.pdf”.
    3. (Optional) In the Plug-in version, enter a version number for the plugin.
  6. Click Generate and save the ZIP folder containing the plugin you generated.
You created a plugin and downloaded it to your computer.
If you require additional customizations beyond those available in the PDF Plugin Generator, see easyDITA PDF Customizations. Otherwise, you’re ready to Upload a Plugin into easyDITA.