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Display Published Content

With your content from easyDITA published to WordPress, you need to set the page type so the content displays.  
Your published page says “This page doesn’t have a type.” You need to set the page type of your published content for it to display.
  1. With your WordPress site open, add “/wp-admin” to the end of the root url.

    Step Information
    Your url should be formatted like this: http://{wp-site-domain}/wp-admin.
    Publishing our User Guide to our WordPress site creates the following url:
    To access the WordPress Adminstration settings, add “/wp-admin” to
    For example:
  2. Log in using your credentials so you can change the page configuration.
  3. Click Pages, then navigate to and select the page you just published. Or use the search field to find the page.

    Step Information
    The Page name is the Title you entered in Publish a Map to WordPress.
  4. Now, you need to set the page type so the content displays. Under Custom Fields, in the Add New Custom Field area, do the following:

    Step Information
    Note:If the Custom Fields area does not display, click Screen Options and check Custom Fields.
    1. Select page_type from the drop-down menu.
    2. In the Value field, enter “content”.
    3. Click Add Custom Field.
  5. Click Update.
Your published content now displays.
Click Preview Changes to view the published content.