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Install Jetpack

Install the Jetpack plugin to set up your WordPress site API.
Remember:Skip this procedure if you’re using a site hosted by WordPress (for example: WordPress hosted sites already include the API by default, so you can Connect easyDITA to WordPress.
You want to install the Jetpack plugin.
Note:wp-site-domain is used as a placeholder for the domain of your site (
  1. Navigate to your WordPress site and open the Admin dashboard: http://{wp-site-domain}/wp-admin.
  2. Log in with the credentials you set up when you created the site.
  3. Click Plugins. A list of installed plugins displays. Often the Jetpack plugin is installed by default, so if you see “Jetpack by,” click Activate.

    1. If you don’t see “Jetpack by” listed, under Plugins, click Add New.
    2. In the Search Plugins field, enter “Jetpack” and navigate to “Jetpack by”.
    3. Click Install Now and navigate back to your Installed Plugins.
    4. Click Activate for the “Jetpack by” plugin.
  4. Once Jetpack has been activated, a banner will display across the top of the screen. Click Connect to and log in with your account to authorize Jetpack to work on your site.

    Expected Result
    The Jetpack tab is added to the navigational pane.
  5. Click Jetpack.
  6. You’ll see many of the different Jetpack features highlighted in this list. That means that they are currently active. The only feature that needs to be active is “JSON API.” You’re welcome to add any other features you want.
Jetpack is installed on your site. Now, you’re ready to Connect easyDITA to WordPress.