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User Guide
Content Manager Overview

The Content Manager interface enables you to interact with your files and folders.
The Content Manager displays the directory hierarchy for a project and the contents of the selected folder. You can use the Content Manager to browse, filter, create, upload, and modify your files.
You can access the following features using the Content Manager:
Feature Description
Breadcrumbs Use breadcrumbs to navigate the selected folder hierarchy.
Browse Tab Use the Browse Tab to navigate to folders and files.
Filters Tab Use the Filters Tab to manage the files that are displayed.
Create New Click Create New to create a file using a template. For more information, see Creating a Topic.
Create a new folder Click the Create a new folder icon to create a new folder. For more information, see Creating a Folder.
Upload a new file Use the Upload icon to upload a file to the content repository. For more information, see Updating Images.
Search Use the Search bar from anywhere in easyDITA to find files. For more information, see Integrated Search and Navigation.
Sort Click a column name to sort by file name, title, type, status, or modified.
Context Menu Right-click a file to display the context menu and modify a file.