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User Guide
Renaming Files and Folders

Change the name of a file after creation.
You’re in a folder in the Content Manager and want to rename files and folders.
  1. Check the checkbox next to each file.

    Step Information
    Note:To select a range of checkboxes, check the first box in the range and then while holding Shift, select the last box in the range.
  2. Right-click any of the selected items and select Rename.

    Step Information

    Note:The context menu indicates the amount of files selected.
  3. Enter a new name for each file.

    Step Information
    Note:An error will display if you attempt to only modify the lettercase (uppercase or lowercase). For example, you cannot rename the file “renaming_files_or_folders.dita” to “Renaming_Files_or_Folders.dita”.
  4. (Optional) Enter a comment for the rename.
  5. Click Rename.Revisions Tab
The selected files and folders are renamed.