Table of Contents
User Guide
Dashboard Overview

The Dashboard interface organizes relevant user and workflow information into sections.
The Dashboard interface is the first screen you see when you log in to easyDITA. You can use the Dashboard access relevant information about the status of your assignments, files, and comments, as well as modify your products or account settings.
The Dashboard is always accessible from the top navigation toolbar.

Dashboard Sections

The Dashboard interface manages your inbox, activities, products, assignments, account, and administration settings.
Interface Sections Description
Inbox Overview Displays notifications about workflow, including assignments and comments.
Activity Overview Displays all user actions that have occurred in easyDITA.
Assignments Overview Displays and filters assignments.
Administration Overview Displays and manages metadata, collections, taxonomy, users, and plugins.
My Account Overview Displays user credentials.
Note:You must have an administrator account to access the Administration interface.