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User Guide
Adding a New User

Create an account for a user using their email address and set their permissions in easyDITA.  
Out of the box, usernames are created using an email address. Ensure you have the user’s email address ready to add them as a user.
Note:You must be an administrator to perform this action.
You’re in the Dashboard interface and want to add a new user. 
  1. Click Users.

    Expected Result
    The Users section displays.
  2. Click Add User.

    Expected Result
    The Add New User screen displays.
  3. Complete the following fields:

    1. In the Username field, enter the user’s email.
    2. In the First Name field, enter the user’s first name.
    3. In the Last Name field, enter the user’s last name.
    4. In the Role drop-down menu, select the user’s role.

      Step Information
      • To allow access to everything, select Administrator. Administrators can access the Administration interface to configure users, metadata, collections, taxonomy, and plugins.
      • To allow access to create and edit, select Editor/Manager or Author. Out of the box, Editors/Managers and Authors have similar access. However, these roles can be configured to limit some access. We recommend you select Author for general content developers.
      • To only allow access to review documents, select Reviewer.
  4. Check the Pick password for me option.

    Step Information
    We recommend enabling easyDITA to automatically set a password for the user.
  5. Check Send user notification email.

    Step Information
    We recommend enabling easyDITA to automatically email the user their credentials.
  6. Under User Privileges, only check the options that apply to the user Everywhere:

    Step Information
    If you are new to easyDITA, we recommend not checking any options.
  7. Click Save.
You’ve added a new user with the selected privileges to easyDITA. An email with their credentials and a link to your instance of easyDITA is sent to them.