Table of Contents
User Guide
Configuring Metadata

Use the Metadata section of the Dashboard to configure user-defined metadata.
You have taxonomy configured. To learn more, see Configuring Taxonomy.
You’re in the Dashboard interface and want to configure metadata.

Note:You must have an administrator account to access the Administration interface.
  1. Click Metadata.

    Expected Result
    The Metadata interface displays.
  2. In the Category Name field, enter a name for the category.

    Step Information
  3. Click Add Category.

    Expected Result
    A Category section is added.
  4. Complete the following fields:

    1. Enter a Label.
    2. Enter a Name.
    3. Select a Type.
    4. Select a Value.
  5. (Optional) To enable search filtering using metadata, check Search facet. Filters TabContent Manager
  6. (Optional) To enable the metadata so you can assign it to files, check Enabled. Properties TabResource Viewer
  7. Click Save Changes.
A user-defined metadata value is configured.