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User Guide
Previewing Filtered Output 

Use the Topic Editor to preview and modify the view settings of filtered output.
You have a topic open and want to modify the view settings of filtered output for a select attribute value. 
  1. Navigate to the filtered element in your topic. 

    Step Information

    Any document with defined values for select attributes will display in a label in the left margin of the Topic Editor.  The label shows the value or values that have been defined for that element.

  2. Click on a label.

    Step Information
    Expected Result
    The Conditional View Settings window displays.
  3. For each select attribute value, do any of the following:

    1. To show the filtered output, check Shows.
    2. To grey the filtered output, check Greyed.
    3. To hide the filtered output, check Hidden.
  4. Click Apply.

    Expected Result
    If Shows was selected, filtered output displays alongside unfiltered content:
    If Greyed was selected, filtered output is greyed:
    If Hidden was selected, filtered output is hidden:
The view settings of filtered elements are modified.