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User Guide
Moving Topics Around in a Map

Use the Map Editor to move topics around in a map to organize topics and create hierarchy.
You have a map open and want to reorganize the topic order.
  1. In the Map Editor Pane, select the topic you want to move.Map Editor Pane
  2. Drag and drop the topic to a new location in the map.

    1. To move a topic to a new location, drop the topic above or below another topic.

      Step Information
      Note:A line displays to indicate where the component will be added.

    2. To make the topic a child, drop the topic on top of another topic.

      Step Information
      Note:A green box displays around the topic to indicate that the topic will be a parent topic.

      Expected Result
      The topic is a child of the highlight topic.
The element is inserted into a new place in the map.