Table of Contents
User Guide
Configuring Taxonomy

Use the Taxonomy section of the Dashboard to configure taxonomy and create taxonomy terms. You’ll use this custom taxonomy to configure your metadata.
You’re in the Dashboard interface and want to configure taxonomy.

Note:You must have an administrator account to access the Administration interface.
  1. Click Taxonomy.

    Expected Result
    The Taxonomy interface displays.
  2. Click New Taxonomy.

    Expected Result
    The New Taxonomy window displays.
  3. Enter a Label and Name.
  4. Click Save.

    Expected Result
    A taxonomy is created.
  5. Select the taxonomy.

    Expected Result
    The Edit Taxonomy screen displays.
  6. Click Unnamed 1 to modify the taxonomy term.

    Expected Result
    The Label and Name fields for Unnamed 1 display.
  7. Enter a new Label and Name for the taxonomy term.
  8. Click Save.
  9. To create more taxonomy terms, do any of the following:

    1. To insert a new taxonomy term below the selected term, click Create Term Below.
    2. To insert a child term below the selected term, click Create Narrower Term.
    Expected Result
    A new term is created and named “Unnamed 2”.
  10. Enter a Label and Name for the taxonomy term.
  11. Click Save.
  12. Create additional taxonomy terms.
  13. Click Save all changes.
A taxonomy and its terms are created. You’re ready to start Configuring Metadata.