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User Guide
Merging Some Changes Between Map Branches

Use the Branching Tab in the Resource Viewer to only merge selected changes between map branches.
You’re in the Content Manager and want to merge map branches and select which changes are pushed from the source branch into the target branch.
  1. Right-click a map and select Branching.Branching Tab
  2. In the Source Branch drop-down menu, select the branch that will be used to update the target branch.

    Step Information
  3. In the Target Branch drop-down menu, select the branch that will be updated to match the source branch.

    Step Information
  4. Click Merge.

    Expected Result
    The Merge Branches window displays.
  5. To merge changes from a branch, click Merge.

    Step Information
    The Merge File window displays.
    1. To accept the highlighted change, click Accept.
    2. To reject the highlighted change, click Reject.
    3. Click Save.
  6. To ignore changes that should not be applied to the target branch, click Ignore.
The changes in the source branch are pushed into the target branch.