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User Guide
Resource Viewer Overview

The Resource Viewer interface enables you to interact with your files.
The Resource Viewer opens in front the Content Manager. You can use it to preview, modify, or access information about a file. The Resource Viewer consists of tabs that enable you to interact with a file.
The Resource Viewer consists of the following tabs:
Tab Description
Preview Tab Preview a file or interact with comments.
Revisions Tab View the revision history, and compare or restore a revision of the file.
Linking Tab View all link dependencies for the file.
Properties Tab View the file’s properties, collections, metadata, and API information.
Assignments Tab View the assignments associated to the file.
Releases Tab Create a release and archive the file.
Branching Tab Create a branch of the file and view the files branch information.
Note:The Releases and Branching tabs may not be available in your configuration.