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User Guide
Adding a Warehouse Topic to a Map

Add a warehouse topic to a map as a keydef so you can insert it as a conkeyref in topics.
You created a warehouse topic using the procedure in Setting Variable Content in a Warehouse Topic.

You have a map open and want to insert a warehouse topic as a keydef.
  1. In the Map Editor Pane, right-click the map.

    Step Information
    The available options change based on the element selected.
    Expected Result
    The context menu displays.

  2. Select Append element -> keydef.

    Expected Result
    The Required Properties window displays.

  3. Enter a Keys name.

    Enter Text.

  4. Click Save.

    Expected Result
    The Keydef element is inserted.

  5. Drag and drop the warehouse topic onto the keydef element.

    Step Information

    Expected Result
    The Insert dialog displays.

  6. Click Set references.
You added the warehouse topic as a keydef element in a map.
Now, you’re ready to begin Inserting a Conkeyref into a Topic.