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Content Key References

Use content key references to reuse content by referencing content through keys.
Content key references (conkeyref) enable you to reuse content in warehouse topics. A warehouse topic holds content that you’ll reference to. It’s an organized method of tracking and managing reused content that might change.
We recommend you use content key references for variable content that is used often, such as product names, notes, or images.
Example of warehouse files include:
  • Text warehouse files contain names and other strings
  • Media warehouse files contain images and videos
  • Notes warehouse files contain warning, notes, and cautions
To use conkeyrefs, create a warehouse file to hold your variable content using the procedure in Setting Variable Content in a Warehouse Topic. Next, add the warehouse file as a keydef in your map. For more information, see Adding a Warehouse Topic to a Map. Once the warehouse file is ready to be referenced by a topic in the map, you can begin Inserting a Conkeyref into a Topic.