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User Guide
Source Editor Overview

Use the Source Editor to view and edit a topic’s underlying XML.
You can view, edit, and search a topic’s underlying XML using the Source Editor. The Source Editor uses syntax coloring to help you identify elements, attributes, values, and invalid XML. Existing XML will already conform to the syntax coloring, while new text is configured as you type.
With a topic open, you can access the Source Editor from any topic by doing any of the following:
  • Click Edit -> Source Code

  • Press Ctrl+Shift+”,” or Cmd+Shift+”,”

The Source Editor makes switching between editing in the Topic Editor and editing in the Source Editor seamless. If you have text selected in the topic before opening the Source Editor, the text will still be selected in the Source Editor. So you can quickly begin editing the XML from where you left off in the Topic Editor.  
You can also use Ctrl+F or Cmd+F to search for text in the Source Editor. You can enter a search term or use regular expression to search for text.
Any saved changes made in the Source Editor are applied to the topic. If the changes you made result in invalid XML, the invalid areas will display in red and the Source Editor will not close and save.