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User Guide
Topic Editor Overview

The Topic Editor interface enables you to edit a topic in a structured authoring environment.
When you Create & Edit a new topic in the Content Manager or click Edit for an existing topic, the Topic Editor opens in a new tab. For a new file, you start with a blank set of basic elements that are required to create a valid DITA file of the type you created. These preloaded elements are displayed with placeholders, shown as gray labels (e.g. Title, Author Name, Short Description, and Paragraph shown below). Clicking on the placeholder allows text to be entered into that element.
You can use the toolbar to quickly execute commands. The toolbar includes drop-down menus as well as specialized controls to add or modify DITA content.
There is also a context menu that displays when you right-click in the document. The contents of the context menu vary depending upon the element at the cursor location and whether you have text selected.
The yellow shaded area near the top of the editor highlights the Prolog in your DITA document. The Prolog contains keywords and other metadata elements.
The white area below the prolog is the document body, where you enter your document content, including text, tables, images, and so on.
You can place the cursor anywhere in the structure using your mouse. easyDITA will only allow you to insert valid elements in the structure. You can insert elements using the Insert menu.
As you type, pressing Enter will insert a blank placeholder for the most logical element at the cursor location. For instance, in an unordered list (a.k.a. bullet list), pressing Enter after a list item will insert a placeholder for another list item. Pressing Enter on an empty list item will convert the empty item to a paragraph. And so on.
Likewise,Tab is contextual. In a list, pressing Tab will indent a list item, and Shift+Tab will un-indent the item. In a table, Tab moves between fields.
easyDITA provides a number of keyboard shortcuts. A quick reference of them is available in the Help menu.